The Book

ASD is a lifelong developmental disability. It affects how people communicate and it can cause extreme anxiety. Autistic people much prefer to have routines, and really dislike change. Some people with the disorder may only eat certain foods, wear the same type of clothes every day, travel the same way to certain places. Changes in their routine can cause great distress, making them more anxious, for example changing school, or starting school for the first time. Christmas is a big change, holidays or food cooked a different way.
Sensitivities; taste, touch, sound and lights. Lights may be too bright, sounds can be loud to some, like a TV, a bus or crowds. Food has so many flavours and textures that it’s just too much for some people. This is why it’s important for them to develop coping mechanisms like wearing headphones if it’s too loud, using fidget toys if they are feeling anxious.
This book will help you to relate to Islas first day at school in the eyes of an autistic child.